Free Dating App – SmartDating iPhone App Review

SmartDating® Free iPhone App

The new SmartDating® application for iPhone and iPod touch comes with everyone’s favorite price tag; absolutely free.  Simply click install and you’ll be on your way to the online dating experience of a lifetime.  This application combines all of the great networking that can be found in the comfort of your own home and makes it more portable.

Now you can chat online, search for romance, and flirt to your heart’s content wherever you are.  It’s a much more inconspicuous way to find your soul mate, too.  If you have previously enjoyed searching for that special someone outside, or at your favorite café or coffee shop but were worried about what other people would think, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.  Now you can search in private, and no longer have to rely on the Wi-Fi service they provide. 

There are many great features on this application that you will be familiar with, as well as some that you may not be.  The ability to wink at a potential partner is readily available, but have a more modern twist to them.  Instead of simply sending a message with a pre-determined selection, you can now choose just which one will set the mood you are looking for. There are dozens of options, some more flirtatious than others. More choices mean more opportunities to say exactly how you feel.

This application also makes it easy to keep up with all of your favorite social networking sites by pairing with the popular Social Connect application.  This makes it easy to monitor all of your online dating activity as well as keeping up on Facebook with a simple swipe of a finger.  No other application makes it so easy to manage all of your networking in one easy place.

If winking isn’t enough flirting for you, why not try sending a virtual teddy bear or roses to that person who has caught your eye?  There is a wide variety of online gifts you can send them, which is a nice touch and can really let someone know just exactly how you feel about them. There are many different items to choose from, and it can be a great way to start up a new conversation, or show your mutual interest in something.


SmartDating App Features:

Geo Location or Proxidating, Find Other Daters in Your Area

Upload Pics of Video to Your Profile

Free App with a Ton of Great Features

Send Real Gifts to Someone’s Doorstep

Save Favorites and Preferences

Istant MessagingRating

We are giving this free dating app, SmartDating® our highest score of 10/10.   This is a great app that has obviously taken some time to develop.  VisionSync has made some great partners with local florists and gift delivering services and they have linked this app up to the largest social network in the world.  It also connects to Social Connect, another VisionSync dating service that has already become the number one dating service on Facebook.

There are a lot of plusses for this app and very few negatives.  If you are looking for an android version you may have to wait a bit, but if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch then you are in luck.  Download this app, give it a try and maybe find that special someone tonight.

There’s more to this app than most online dating sites have.  The features and easy to use interface actually help people with dating.  You might still have to come up with the words to say, SmartDating® is smart, but it won’t do all the work for you.  It does help those that are romantically impaired though.  If you don’t have a romantic bone in your body, SmartDating® can help you through it with a simple send of a wink or a dozen roses.

Disney Fairies Fly iPhone App for Kids

Disney Fairies Fly is a beautiful kids iPhone game app that captures the changing seasons in the heart of Never Land, in the place Pixie Hollow. Even though it is not a challenging game on any counts, still it keeps your kids engrossed flying their favorite fairies on the iPhone screen, avoiding the obstacles on the way.

The App

The free version of Disney Fairies Fly iPhone app, Disney Fairies Fly Lite, has got three levels in ‘Beach Cove’, while the full version that costs $4.99 comes with four more worlds to explore. As expected from Disney, the graphics and sound of the game is topnotch. Your kid will just love to look at the screen for long durations.


In iPhone Disney Fairies Fly app, you got to pick on fairy – Tinkerbell fly (say) – and touch, tap and even tilt the screen to fly it in its mission to collect as many screws, golden orbs, and an occasional silver orb on the way to replenishing its pixie dust meter at the end of each level. However, the journey is no cake walk as there may be angry insects, cute little birds, tree stumps jutting up from the bottom of the screen, or thunder clouds that could strike you fairy with jolts of lightning if hit obstructing the way. Each collision with these obstacles causes the fairy to lose some of its pixie dust. The mission is to reach the destination to pick up the large orb of pixie dust without exhausting your fairy’s pixie dust collection.

In the full version of Disney Fairies Fly iPhone game app, you can choose from other characters such as Fawn, Silvermist, Iridessa, Rosetta and a mysterious fairy (Vidia), which has to be unlocked before you can use her. Finally, if you experience difficulty in flying your fairies properly on the screen or is forced to hold the iPhone in weird angles to get the flight right, then there is some issue with the calibration. You can get around this glitch by simply holding down the pause button at the bottom left of the screen and recalibrating the screen by holding the iPhone in a comfortable position before resuming the game.


Disney Fairies Fly app for iPhone certainly has got no education value nor is it any challenging game for the kids. But, it certainly keeps your kids engrossed for the duration they enjoy flying the fairies. And given the smile the little fairies bring to your toddler’s face, the price tag of $4.99 for Disney Fairies Fly iPhone app is not any higher either. Verdict: 3/5.

Explore one of the best tourist destinations in the world with Love Indonesia App for BlackBerry

Indonesia currently inhabits a sort of netherworld between the top tier tourist destinations and the second tier ones available all over the world. Most people that have been there would consider it one of the best tourist destinations in the world though and hopefully with apps like Love Indonesia app for BlackBerry, more people will continue to realize just how great this particular country can be.

Everything you need to know about the country

No matter where you are in Indonesia, BlackBerry Love Indonesia app will give you the chance to find something nearby that you can appreciate. It is called the Near Me feature and it can be used based on your current location to find just about anything you need to find. Shopping, bars, clubs, restaurants, sporting venues and everything in between can be accessed through this feature, so if you have a few hours to kill between scheduled events on your journey you can certainly use Love Indonesia BlackBerry application to find a great place nearby.

Of course, the extension of that particular feature is the ability for you to find these places all over the country. Love Indonesia BlackBerry mobile application comes with one of the most comprehensive databases of its kind anywhere and you can use that database to access all of the information that you need on the area of your choice. You can use this in conjunction with Near Me as indicated above or you can use it for planning purposes if you don’t like any of the tourism packages being sold in your area.

Updates on the country as time goes on

Love Indonesia app for BlackBerry is not just about giving you the chance to experience Indonesia from a tourist’s perspective. It is about allowing you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the country. That is why English translations of foreign language news pieces can also be found on this app and it is also why the latest local discounts are also discussed. You can combine these aspects with the tourist aspects to have one of the most immersive Indonesian experiences possible and use Love Indonesia BlackBerry app as your guide through most of it.

Final Score

Love Indonesia app for BlackBerry is an excellent app that most definitely has a lot to offer the average person. Our final score for Love Indonesia BlackBerry app is 10 out of 10.

Win at the grand game with Best Tic Tac Toe App for Android

Tic Tac Toe games are surprisingly absent in many of the free app enterprises these days, but this one is very impressive for the Android platform. Best Tic Tac Toe App for Android is a game worth mentioning simply because of the fact that it is so gorgeous to look at.

Visually stunning

The actual impetus for sitting down and playing the game may be a bit weird, but Best Tic Tac Toe Android game app definitely looks very good. It is a game that allows you to play tic tac toe in the sand with lines, Xs and Os drawn in the sand with a finger. The background is very nice and the sand is rendered to near perfection. Overall, the game just looks and feels so good you might want to play again and again just to absorb the ambiance.



Lots of options available

Best Tic Tac Toe app for Android, in addition to being a great game visually, also allows for many different options for the different people playing the game. There is the option to play against the computer AI or to play against another human player. There is the option to go with the standard 3 x 3 grid or to expand it into a 6 x 6 grid in the hopes of a game that is easier to win with fewer potential possibilities for a tie taking place. There is also the option to leave the sound on or to turn it off if the ambience is something that you would like to postpone to another day for the full experience.

An AI that learns

As if the great graphics and good game play were not enough for a free app, Android Best Tic Tac Toe features an AI that actually learns from the games that it plays with you. In a 3 x 3 grid it will eventually learn how to play you to a tie at the very least each time so that you never get to win a game. In a 6 x 6 grid it will become a fierce opponent after a few games and you will definitely have to keep improving if you hope to sustain victories against the AI for an extended period of time.

Final Score

Best Tic Tac Toe app for Android is an excellent game that can give you a lot of amusement over the course of many weeks or months. Best Tic Tac Toe is exceptional for a free Android app and we’ve given it a final score of 9 out of 10.

Become a genius with words with Text Twist App for BlackBerry

The fun game that has everyone applauding is now available on the BlackBerry for anyone that is interested in playing it. Text Twist Blackberry app has of course been a staple of online games for quite some time now, but with the advent of gaming technology for mobile devices it is now expanding out into other platforms.

The same great game

Text Twist app for BlackBerry is of course the same great game that has been made available online forever. It is a game where you are going to match your own wits and vocabulary against the computer, seeing if you can come up with all of the eventualities that are included on the screen.


The way Text Twist BlackBerry game app actually works is quite simple. You will be given seven different circles with one letter inside each circle. Arranging these letters in certain ways will create different words with lengths typically from three letters long to seven letters long. The list of words on the screen will be blank at first but as you fill in the words appropriately, they will appear on the screen filling in the blanks to which they were originally assigned. If you want to beat the level, you need to finish all of the blanks. Each level is of course harder than the previous one though, so if your vocabulary isn’t sharp you might find yourself bested before too much time has passed.

The version of Text Twist app currently available for BlackBerry has many of the same great features that are available in the normal version, including the ability to perform a twist. This ability is good for when you are stumped and would like the letters to be randomly rearranged in the hopes of getting some inspiration for other words that you can try.

Final Score

Overall, the BlackBerry version of Text Twist is definitely one that is highly playable. In fact, you can probably play it a bunch of times over because of how many different word and letter combinations are possible. There are some control features that could get better in successive versions, but that does not change the fact that right now this is a decent app that you can have a lot of fun playing. To most people that is really all that matters and that is why we definitely think that this app is worth the download. Our final score for Text Twist BlackBerry app is 8 out of 10.